Welcome to New Moon Apothecary, by the Astro-Herbalist

I am an Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Medical Astrologer living in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. Here you will find information on myself, my products and my consultations.

  • Products

    All my products are formulated and hand made in small batches by me. All the ingredients are as organic as possible and are as ethically sourced as possible. (Custom made products are available upon request.)

    Available Products 
  • Medical-Astrology Chart Readings

    Learn about your innate constitution, potential predispositions, problem areas and trigger points. This type of reading can give insights on how to keep your body and mind at its healthiest by showing which areas of your body may be the most prone to illness and injury.

    Medi-Astro Chart Readings 
  • Astro-Herbalism Consultations

    In-depth herbalism consultations involving nutritional and life style advice, along with personalized herbal medicines. This is a deep dive into your personal well being where you will be given medicines and tools to help you along your path to health.

    Astro-Herbal Consults 
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