Astro-Herbalism Consults

Please read the following in its entirety before booking a consultation:

Astro-herbalism is the combination of Astrology and Herbalism. This is how medicine was practiced during the times of Hippocrates, Paracelsus, and Nicolas Culpepper. In those days, if you were schooled in medicine, you were also schooled in astrology. In astro-herbalism, the client's astrological natal chart, also known as a birth chart, is used as a tool to understand the individual better, which in turn will help the practitioner decide on the best remedies to administer. The chart can give insights into a person’s innate constitution and predispositions. There are many different ways to read a birth chart. In my practice I use what is called Medical Astrology. It is quite different from the typical pop astrology you see all over the internet. If you wish to learn more about your own birth chart, or what a birth chart is, click here.

How it works:

I will send you an intake form to fill out. You will send the completed intake form back to me, as well as payment (instructions below). I will then take that information, cast your chart and study it. I will create a PDF document of my findings and email it to you so that you have an idea of what we will talk about during our Zoom call. This initial step can take me a few days.

Next we will meet over Zoom (we will find a time that works for both of us) to discuss your intake form and my findings. Sometimes my findings are accurate, sometimes they are not. There are many ways to interpret a chart. This is why we meet over Zoom. This gives you a chance to tell me where I am right and where I am wrong. This is also when we will discuss your current health condition, lifestyle, food intake, etc and any recommended dietary changes, lifestyle changes, or herbal protocols (if any are requested/required). This meeting can last from 1-2 hours. After our meeting, I will go back into the PDF file I initially sent you and update anything that needs changed. I will also go over your chart again to reevaluate anything I mis-read. At this time I will also include any instructions for herbal medicines, exercises, diet changes etc that we discussed during our meeting. I will send this back to you. All the above is included in your initial payment.

If you feel you would like more information or another reading at this point, a follow up appointment will be required. I usually recommend a follow up after 2 weeks to make sure any changes we implemented are going well. If not we will discuss different things we can try. (Herbalism can sometimes be a lot of trial and error.) Follow ups require an additional payment. 

An astro-herbalism consultation is for:

  • Anyone looking for ways to support their general health and wellbeing.
  • Anyone with a specific illness/ailment, either acute or chronic, looking for alternative/adjunct support on their healing journey.
  • Anyone trying to find a healthier path but isn’t sure where to start. 
  • Anyone looking to support their health with a personalized, natural approach.

What are the benefits of an astro-herbalism consultation?

  • It is a highly personalized approach to your health. 
  • We will spend a lot of time deep diving into your reasons for the consultation. 
  • Your astrological natal chart (the blueprint of you) is used as a tool to develop a personalized approach to your health.
  • We will look at all aspects of health, including mental and spiritual, not just physical.

What an astro-herbalism consultation is not:

  • It is not a replacement for any current medical care you are receiving. It is an adjunct approach to your health care regime.  
  • It will not tell the future of your health. I do not do predictive astrology as I believe it has the potential to cause unneeded stress.
  • As an herbalist I cannot legally diagnose an illness or prescribe any medications. 
  • It is not a quick working, magic bullet. True healing takes time.

What we will cover in an initial consultation and potential follow ups:

  • The reason for your appointment and what you are hoping to get out of it.
  • Previous and current health history, diet and exercise routines.
  • Your astrology chart and any potential predispositions etc. that I found.
  • Tools that could help you get to where you would like to be. These tools may consist of diet and exercise changes, supplements, herbs, or it may result in me recommending you to another practitioner that I feel may do a better job with what you require (eg. an acupuncturist, naturopath, therapist, etc).
  • In follow ups we will discuss whether or not the approach we chose is working, and we will assess whether or not we need to change anything to get the desired results.

Additional Information:

  • The astrology chart is used as a tool for clarity on an individual’s constitution and potential trouble areas, but we do not have to use astrology at all if you prefer. It is a tool for me, not you, and we can be productive without the use of astrology as well. If you wish for me to do a medical astrology chart reading, I will require the exact day, time and place of your birth. 
  • I will need a couple days in between receiving your intake form and having our Zoom call to do my chart reading (if requested) and create a PDF file for you. Once you have received and read through the file, we can book our Zoom call.
  • I will also require time after our initial Zoom consultation to formulate any remedies required. Usually a day or two, unless I am out of stock on something. If you are local to Salt Spring Island, you will be able to pick up any remedies as soon as they are ready. If you are not local there are two options: I make the remedies and ship them to you, or I formulate them, give you the instructions and you purchase the needed ingredients and make the remedies yourself.
  • If you are familiar with astrology, I use the Whole Sign chart system for my readings.
  • I do not sell supplements so any supplements recommended will need to be sourced and purchased on your own.
  • I will provide you with a PDF document of everything we talked about including dosing instructions for any remedies, any dietary or lifestyle changes recommended, etc. 
  • Appointments will be done over Zoom at this time, and we can be flexible when it comes to scheduling a time.
  • Payment for an initial consultation, as well as any follow ups, is on a sliding scale ranging from $70 to $200. Pay what you can, but the work done on my end can take many hours so remember to be fair in your assessment of what you can pay. Payment is expected before the appointment begins. This price does not include herbal remedies. 
  • For now, payments are only accepted via e-transfer to If there are any extra fees, i.e. shipping payments or remedy fees, you will receive an invoice with the amount due once your remedies are ready.
  • If I have to cancel for any reason, you will receive a full refund. If you have to cancel, I will require 24hrs notice for a refund. 
  • There will be no refunds for remedies or chart readings. If you are unhappy with the results of the reading, a reimbursement will not be issued, however I would be happy to look at your chart again from a different angle, for no extra charge. 
  • Even though this is a herbalism consultation, sometimes herbs are not needed at all. Come in with an open mind.
  • Healing the proper way takes time and hard work. This is not a quick fix. Be prepared to do the work. Setbacks may happen, herbs and other approaches may not work right away, or at all. Every person is different and every plant is different, and things don’t always work the way they were intended to work. Getting to the root cause of an illness is important, and setbacks are often what show us the right path. Patience and perseverance are key. 
  • Most importantly, you are the healer, not me. My job is to give you guidance and tools to help you on your healing journey. Make sure you are fully committed and willing to do the work before booking an appointment. 

After reading this, if you would like to book an appointment, please contact me below with your intention. I will then email you the intake form and we can get started. 

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