What is your Birth Chart?

What is your Birth Chart?

When someone asks you what your sign is, I bet you know exactly what to answer with, whether you believe in Astrology or not. I also bet that whenever you’ve read something about your sign, there are some things that resonate, and many things that don’t, and then you think “This doesn’t sound like me at all!”

I used to be that person. I used to think Astrology was a load. My Sun Sign is Taurus, and I don’t resonate much with it. Some typical Taurus stereotypes include laziness, gluttony, and stubbornness, also calmness and patience...well I can agree with the stubbornness on that list, but that’s about it! Once I got to know my whole birth chart, I began to understand myself so much more! Taurus is an Earth Sign, which are typically known for being slow, methodical, grounded and centred, but most of my chart is made up of Fire Signs, meaning energy, passion, intuition and will power, also a fiery temper and impatience. Those sound more like me. I find it very hard to sit and relax, I always need to be doing something, and my temper goes from 0 to 100 in seconds. 

You are a cumulation of all the different astral energies, not just one.

That one Sign that you know so well, is only your Sun Sign. It is only one part of you. Did you know you also have a Moon Sign, and a Mercury Sign and a Jupiter Sign, and a sign for all the planets in our solar system, as well as many of the asteroids and some stars? You are made up of the energies of ALL the planets and ALL the signs in a way that is uniquely yours. So maybe you don’t resonate with your Sun Sign very much, but when you are able to put your whole chart together, you may begin to feel differently about Astrology. 

This is the Birth Chart, also called a Natal Chart, of a made up person, just to show what one looks like. I like to use www.astro.com for my charts, but there are many websites out there. To get your chart, all you need to do is enter your place, date and time of birth. This chart is the map of your soul. In Medical Astrology, this chart shows your innate constitution, as well as any medical predispositions you may have. 

A Birth Chart is exactly where the planets were in the solar system, (as viewed from the Earth) the moment you were born. The planetary energy shown in this chart, is stamped into your being the moment you take your first breath. 

In the outside circle, are the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The 12 pie slices are the Houses, or the different areas in your life that the different Signs are expressed. The Planets are inside the Houses. The Planets are how each Sign’s energy is expressed in those areas of your life. The little green symbols on the outside of the wheel are the Transiting Planets, the planets as they are at this moment up in the sky, in relation to the planets in your birth chart. The red and blue lines are called Aspects. They are how each planet communicates with another, whether they get along, or not. 

This is the chart I use for my herbal consults. It gives me a better idea of what I am looking at on an individual level. Medical Astrology and Astrology in general, have been around for thousands of years, and offer a fine-tuned view into an individual. 

In Medical Astrology, each sign and planet represents certain areas and energies in the body. When you put them together, they have the potential to show you many things.  Plants are also ruled by planets and signs. In Medical Astrology, the goal is to use sympathetic or antipathetic plant medicines to balance or strengthen the areas in the chart that are causing the symptoms in question, and also to study the transiting planets, to get an idea about when symptoms may begin to express themselves.

Skeptics begin to ask, “Well how can a planet affect me, they are so far away?” I say, think of the moon. It lifts our oceans. If it can lift the oceans, what is it doing to the waters of our body? Or think of Jupiter. It has such a large force, that it pulls on the sun, causing our solar flare cycle. https://www.space.com/planets-affect-solar-cycle.html. If it can pull on the sun, what is it doing, not just to our teeny tiny human bodies, but all life on earth.

Astrology can be such an amazing tool and map for your life. If you are interested in learning how to read your own birth chart, “You Were Born for This” by Chani Nicholas, and “Astrology for Real Life” by Theresa Reed are great places to start.  

If you would like a Medical Astrology Chart reading, or an Herbal Consult, go to “Book an Appointment” on the home page. I am taking one client a week beginning in January. (Don't forget to select a time before adding to your cart.) All appointments will be held online.

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